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Video: Juju Status Flasher on Ubuntu Snappy

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I’d like to share a proof of concept project I’ve been working on that combines the worlds of ubuntu snappy and juju.

I wanted to use the flashing leds on the raspberry pi 2’s piglow to tell me the status of my cloud services. The idea being that if there’s something I need to fix the flashing leds will tell me, without me having to keep checking my phone or laptop to get updates.

This demo will use the realtime syslog analytics big data bundle as my example environment. It’s deployed in ec2 but it’s controlled and managed by juju running on my raspberry pi. I’m going to show you a working environment with happy led status. Then I’m going to cause some trouble and we’ll see the leds change to unhappy.

The idea being that if I want to know the status of my cloud services I only need to glance at my raspberry pi for a moment.

There’s still some work to be done around optimising the various led patterns. There could be a way that I could convey seriousness of the problem via the leds, or even how long there has been a problem. That’s work that can come later.